Monday, June 21, 2010

Kevin Rudd kisses Rupert Murdoch's arse, again

'Brisbane Times' reports [21/6/10]:

...Today Rudd will focus on counting how his government kept recession at bay when he launches Shitstorm, a book by the Lenore Taylor of the Herald and David Uren of The Australian, which looks back at that mad and frightening period which greeted a new government and so tested it....

The Murdoch press are not about journalism. They operate as Murdoch's voice in the power structure. Without exception, everyone who works for Murdoch is tainted. They have no defence to charges of being complicit in this subversion of democracy by their role in removing the "Fourth Estate" from its vital position as a check on government and corporate power.

By being a huge unaccountable corporation and the, apparently, prime source of 'News' in Australia's journalism and news scene, the "Murdia" is patently disqualified from pretending to any place of importance in our democracy. It is just another multi-national corporation selling widgets for power, profit, influence, joy and fun. In short: it hates you.

By shamelessly kissing Murdoch's arse at every opportunity, by smugly treating all Australians as mugs, by lending his full support to the Murdia takeover of our public broadcaster (and apparently doing so with some relish and glee - cf. "7:30 report land"), your Rudd is expressing his pleasure with this corporation's undermining of our Australian democracy and his loving adoration for the power of its owner, Rupert Murdoch.


Murdoch's propagandists get book deals, they spread their hate and lies, Rudd sups with these devils and you go out and buy a giant 3-D telly because you are nothing more than a mindless slug to these people.

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