Monday, May 24, 2010

Australia's national broadcasters show a serious lapse of judgment

ABC Brisbane's 7 PM news bulletin [24/5/10]

SBS World News Australia's 6.30 PM news bulletin [24/5/10]

Rupert Murdoch controls the criminally compromised and totally discredited "News of The World."

This piece of garbage has engaged in criminal activities before. They have no scruples and they have contempt for legal process.

Rupert Murdoch also controls what idiots believe when they accept the rubbish passing as journalism from "Fox", "Sky", "Herald-Sun", "The Australian" and any other of his hundred or so outlets, as representing reality or facts.

It is a simply provable fact that Murdoch deals in lies. Anyone who works for any Murdoch outlet is scum-by-association. Sad but true.

Why didn't either of Australia's public broadcasters (ABC and SBS) mention the name "Rupert Murdoch" when they ran this piece of gutter journalism tonight? Is it because "in Australia the media is 100% governed by Rupert Murdoch"?

Probably. Gutless shills.

Action: Burn a Murdoch paper in a public place!

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