Tuesday, May 4, 2010

They don't care about you or your community

They are pushing an ideological agenda that doesn't incorporate informing your community, community engagement, participation or safety.

Stories such as - 'Griffith Street in Coolangatta the scene of violent attacks' [5/5/10] - aren't meant to inform or progress some solution to a problem.

They are about manipulating fear.

When the Murdoch media choose to involve themselves in an issue, things usually take a turn for the worst - unless everyone ignores them.

The best part about this piece is the final sentence:

"Night traders on Griffith Street, where most of the violent incidents have occurred, refused to talk to The Courier-Mail."
We've said it before: Don't talk to them.

Communities on the NSW/Queensland border are lucky. They have an alternative news publication - the 'Tweed Shire Echo' - which has been following the problems of youth and alcohol related violence for months.

Ask your Federal candidate what they are going to do about the concentration of media ownership in Australia.

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