Wednesday, May 5, 2010

For the love of the game, you must get rid of Murdoch

Managing Director of Jaycar Electronics (a major sponsor of the Canterbury Bulldogs) Gary Johnstone participated in this week's 'Insight' program on SBS Television

... They shake your hand and they smile
And they buy you a drink
They say we'll be your friends
We'll stick with you 'till the end
Ah but everybody's only
Looking out for themselves
And you say well who can you trust?
I'll tell you it's just
Nobody else's money ...

'Money Changes Everything', written by Tom Gray and recorded by Cyndi Lauper

Given the gutlessness of Australia's politicians, it's looking very unlikely there will be a public inquiry into the Melbourne Storm salary cap fraud.

What we've seen and heard over the past few weeks on our public broadcasters and corporate media, is the orchestration of a very clever PR campaign to deflect the blame of a cheating culture - which comes straight from News Ltd.

For all their criticism of the fraud, all the commentators (Greg Baum from 'The Age' is an exception) appear remarkably consistent in their blinkered perceptions of how the problem can be solved.

In fact, watching this week's 'Insight' on SBS Television, one could be forgiven for thinking we've all moved on, and that the only thing we need to debate now is whether or not the players should get more money.

One of the participants on the "Cheating to Win" program was the Managing Director of Jaycar Electronics. He recently placed a full page advertisement in the 'Daily Telegraph' criticising the head of the NRL, David Gallop, for taking away the Storm's competition points for the rest of the season.

If the fans, clubs and sponsors want to save Rugby League it is pointless pursuing any of these arguments until they get Murdoch out of the game altogether.

You're never going to get sportmanship and fair play back while Murdoch is involved.

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