Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time for a public inquiry

This is what the Deputy Prime Minister was reported as saying about the (Murdoch owned) Melbourne Storm salary cap fraud in today's [27/4/10] 'Sydney Morning Herald':

... "I believe News Limited and everyone else involved would realise that the investigation here has to be enough - open enough, transparent enough, serious enough - to restore the confidence of the fans and the sponsors in the league," she told ABC radio on Tuesday.

"I believe it's in everybody's interests, including, very very clearly, the interests of News Limited, to get to the bottom of all of this.

"At the end of the day, News Limited, the fans, the sponsors, the players, everyone has an interest in making sure that people are confident that the game is being played well and fairly right across the country." ...

As former CEO of The Storm Brian Waldron said in a statement, which was read out on ABC Radio today:

... I would be prepared to tell everything I know to a properly constituted public and transparent inquiry which requires evidence under oath from all relevant persons.

I am also prepared to give the entire background to Rupert Murdoch so that he has a full understanding of how his Australian company has managed a $66 million investment in the Melbourne Storm.

So where is the Federal Minister for Sport, Kate Ellis? Doesn't it concern her that she and her State counterparts have delivered millions of taxpayer dollars directly and indirectly into Murdoch's News Ltd. coffers by way of subsidies, tax-breaks, infrastructure and, especially through 'your' ABC, free publicity?

A public inquiry is a great idea!

PS: News Ltd's Greg Baxter said something. Not sure what, really. Honest people stopped listening to anything he said right after his great work as chief PR spin-man for James Hardie as they were weaselling out of their obligations to their asbestos victims and making off with their billions into the night. What a piece of work.

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