Friday, April 9, 2010

He Lies To You (Using Your Politicians and His Shills)

Two hours after the actual game, you could watch it for free on Channel 9

Did you think that you could hear your local Rugby League game for free, live, on your ABC radio? No Way, Loser!

We own your entertainment, sports and news and you will bloody well pay for it. It belongs to us, not you.

Not blaming the NBN Channel 9 folks for this abomination. It was the only picture we could get. Actually, who cares about a bunch of rapists without necks? Hate the bloody game, anyway.

But that is not the point! This afternoon, on ABC 'local radio' Coast FM, they casually mentioned that ABC's "Grandstand" would not broadcast live coverage of tonight's [9/4/10] NRL game between the 'Titans' and 'Storm' because the owner of the broadcast rights refused to allow it.

You remember when you all thought it would be such a great idea to hand over all Australia's sport, media and government to Rupert Murdoch and we said that wouldn't be a good idea and you told us to 'shut up'?

Well, suck shit! Hope you enjoy Rupert owning your free footy (not to mention media and government), because you didn't blink when the few of us were saying maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to hand so much power and control to a man who showed such contempt for Australia and its ordinary people.

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