Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Which of Australia's politicians will point out the bleedin' obvious?

Notwithstanding the Storm salary cap fraud, it's been a big day for Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd.

ABC reports:

Former Olympic cyclist Mark French has won a defamation case against a Melbourne newspaper which labelled him a drug cheat.

The 25-year-old sued the Herald Sun for two articles published in 2004 which the Victorian Supreme court found damaged his reputation.

French was cleared of doping charges in 2005.

The Court awarded him $175,000 in compensation plus court costs. ...

While 'The Age' reports:

Publishing supremo John Hartigan warned former Herald Sun editor-in-chief Bruce Guthrie to guard against his predecessor, Peter Blunden, a year before Mr Guthrie was sacked, a court has heard.

Mr Guthrie, who was dismissed 15 months before his three-year contract expired, is suing News Limited for $2.7 million in an unfair dismissal claim before the Supreme Court. ...

At least one of our politicians has the balls to tell it like it is:

LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Lateline invited the Climate Change Minister Penny Wong and two other relevant Government ministers, Greg Combet and Martin Ferguson, to appear on the program tonight to answer questions about the decision to shelve the ETS. None of them were available.

Instead I spoke a short time ago to the Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown, who was in our Hobart studio. ...

LEIGH SALES: So, Senator Brown, the Lowy Institute for International Policy has been polling people on climate change since 2006. When they asked people to respond to the statement, "Global warming is a serious and pressing problem. We should begin taking steps now, even if this involves significant costs." In 2006, 68 per cent of people agreed; today that's only 46 per cent. Other polls have shown that people are losing interest in climate change as an issue. What do you think is going on there?

BOB BROWN: Well, the Labor and Liberal parties and big sections of the media, including the Murdoch press, want it off the agenda. They're being very sceptical about it. But 46 per cent - the Greens are rating at 12 per cent. We have a very big constituency out there that wants and will be getting more and more behind the Greens as the action party on climate change and that's the people who are thinking about the Australia we're going to hand on to our children and our grandchildren.

We are about giving them a secure future where we haven't left it to them to deal with climate change. A six to 20 per cent hit on their gross income if we don't act now by putting one or two per cent into the measures which would reorient our economy to help us to deal with dangerous climate change in 2010. ...

Action: Vote "Green" in the Senate (except in Queensland, where you should vote for anyone not in bed with the Murdoch Press) so we can have some kind of handbrake on this insanity. Do not vote for any front group like the "huntin'Shootin'Fishin' Party" or such!

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