Saturday, April 3, 2010

They stand for no-one: boaties, tradies or "financial types"

These recent advertisements on Southport bus shelters (and all over the Gold Coast) are visual pollution. Murdoch's failing fortunes are writ small in his abysmally crap 'Gold Coast Bulletin', it is getting desperate and facing the axe as he tries to get his tabloid filth behind a paywall. These ads are indicative of that desperation but they can only be a good sign:

Think about it.

The Murdoch press is advertising for you to read them and advertise with them.

Wouldn't that be a sign of desperation?


The bulk of advertising in the Murdoch press appears to be courtesy of mega corporations and local, state, and federal government.

Considering that advertising expenditure is tax deductable, and that it's your taxes that are being given to Murdoch to run his disgraceful war on your democracy - it's not very healthy - and certainly not "for you".

So how would you stop such a psycho organisation who claim "it's just for you" when in fact the opposite is true?

Action: Like an internet troll, urge everyone to ignore them and above all do NOT interact with them. Do not write to them, do not click on them, do not write for them, do not talk to them, do not link to them, do not advertise with them and, most of all, tell their advertisers what you think of them (politely and in calm detail, of course).

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