Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Australian Politicians Take Note

Standing up to Murdoch and the neoliberals is SO HOT RIGHT NOW!

Victorian Premier John Brumby gave an address on health reform at the National Press Club today [14/4/10]

Take Premier John Brumby. He's displayed remarkable resilience as a lone voice raising concerns about the Rudd Government's proposed neoliberal overhaul of our health system.

He's the David in battle against a Goliath of a spin machine that includes your ABC, the corporate media and well aired weaselly word attacks by Rudd Government robotrons.

When Sue Dunlevy of the 'Daily Telegraph' arrogantly made a series of blanket assertions about the state of the Victorian Health System in her snarky question at today's address, before slamming her question he said:

"Sounds like someone may have written that question."

Sue "Na na nan naa naa, Rupert, Kevin and the neoliberals would like to know" Dunlevy after having her question slammed down by the Premier

Politicians of Australia - your constituents are not as dim as you think. After decades of media monopoly they are wising up and are easily able to sniff an elected representative dancing to the Murdoch media's tune.

They like politicans who stand up to the neoliberal T.I.N.A. mantra.

They want you to show some balls, and represent their interests, not those of big corporations.

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