Thursday, April 15, 2010

More solutions to monomedia pollution

Costa sets an example at the Alexandria Park Community School

We've previously made suggestions for the use of monomedia crap that pollutes our minds and our social discourse, not to mention our city streets.

Here's another, courtesy last night's [15/4/10] episode of 'Costa's Gardening Odyssey':

Alexandria Park Community School, in inner Sydney, is a green oasis in the middle of the industrial sprawl. The school, with its large indigenous student base, asked Costa to help them build a bush tucker garden to be used as part of the school curriculum.

Costa found a perfect spot to locate the garden. It has an existing tree belt; it’s protected from the sports field; it’s close to the school’s main entrance and best of all the kids have got a nice place to hang out and learn a little about bush tucker. ...


• If you’re building a garden bed where grass exists, don’t remove it. Just mow it close to the ground and then cover with a layer of wet newspaper. The grass will eventually break down and nurture the soil. ...

A lot of Australians get monomedia delivered in the form of a so called community newspaper, others get it handed to them on the way to the train, or might see it in stands around their city.

So do what's right for this country and put it to some useful purpose.

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