Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another day, more public hospital bashing

It seems like every day the Gold Coast Murdoch press attack the Gold Coast Hospital.

Here's today's effort [25/4/10]:

The number of emergency room patients being attended to within the medically recommended timeframe at Gold Coast Hospital are the worst they have been in months.

According to the latest emergency department monthly performance report provided by Queensland Health for February, 40 per cent of patients to present at the Gold Coast Hospital and 44 per cent at Robina waited more than eight hours in the ED before being admitted....

They don't do this out of any desire to remedy inequity or inform the public. They do it to scare the community and to denigrate the notion of universal health care.

If they were serious about reporting on health issues, they would be writing honestly about private and public health systems - not slandering the public health system at every opportunity while at the same time running private hospital PR pieces.

They would also tell you how many taxpayer dollars are spent propping up the private health providers, at the expense of delivering health care services to all.

Murdoch and his properties don't agree that health is a human right.

They are pushing a neoliberal agenda which will tear the heart of our public health system and force us into the hands of ruthlessly, profit driven international companies.

If you are concerned about health issues, don't rely on the Murdoch Press, don't comment on their websites, don't write letters to the editor, speak to your local MP.

And switch off the ABC when they are clearly just following up on the Murdoch agenda.

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