Friday, May 28, 2010

Tell the ABC it's not good enough

"Morrocks", commenting on 'The Drum' gets it spot on (although not the bit about selling the ABC off - boot the News Ltd. bastards out):

If the ABC honestly laments loss of media diversity, why is it contributing to the problem by allowing itself to be quietly colonised by News Ltd?

Political stories on the Radio National and ABC2 'Breakfast' programs are taken straight from the pages of Murdoch's 'The Australian'. Fran Kelly is basically a walking, talking mouthpiece for the Coalition/Murdoch angle on any issue.

'The Australian's' political correspondent, Dennis Shanahan, is now a regular commentator on ABC Radio. (Hi, Tony Delroy!) Murdoch opinionists dominate the ABC1 political show 'The Insiders'.

ABC reporters write regularly for the Murdoch opinion site, 'The Punch'. Heavens above, until recently 'The Australian's' right wing ranter, Janet Albrechtsen, sat on the ABC's Board of Directors!

If the ABC is "independent", how is so much input from News Ltd justified?

Do we really need a publicly-funded broadcaster when it apes its major commercial rival?

Sell off the ABC and use the money to start over with a truly independent, non-politicised public broadcaster.

As we found before, the ABC try to ignore this valid criticism. It's up to each of you to keep telling the ABC and your politicians this must stop.


  1. Hi
    This an excellent column you have provided some very valuable information about the dissapointing performance of the ABC, in particular their biased reporting, and their savage attack on our Government.

    Would you be kind enough to visit Ad Astra's The Political Sword, we are conducting an ABC watch.

    We would be very grateful of any information or help you could provide us with

    Regards, Lyn

  2. Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for that. We're reading through that long thread on "Their ABC", good stuff.

    Sometimes it feels like a lonely losing battle against Murdoch and all the neo-cons, so it is always refreshing and heartening to find others trying to bring some sanity back to our media and democracy.

    Best wishes.

  3. Man, the ABC tv Radio and even the ABC Drum site is infested with Ltd. News hacks!