Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rupert Hates Fags

The 'Come Out To Play' report was funded by Vic Health and is the first comprehensive survey of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual sport experiences in Australia.

"I don't believe in the gay movement....I think they should stay to themselves, just climb back into the cupboards....I don't think they are gay at all, they are very unhappy."
Rupert Murdoch in 1980.
That was quoted from a site with heaps of "Gay" type quotes. Notice how it bears a remarkably close resemblance to 'Akers' suggestion that gay type men keep their gayness in 'the closet'?

Rupert really has an almost half century history of homophobia, if you care to look.

As you know, Rupert tells all his minions how to think and what to say. And boy, they brainlessly follow whatever Rupert wants. Brainless wankers.
"Hey dad! Why are we so rich?"

"Well son, it's because I have never had an independent thought in my life. And I strongly suggest you do the same!"
Wow! What a surprise then that Jason "Piers" Ackermanis, who most people would be surprised to think could work a keyboard, let alone string together a cogent sentence, is able to run such a perfectly Murdoch-scripted-like 'Herald-Sun' column! And on the day of the release of a groundbreaking report into gender, sexuality and sport.

What a coincidence.

Not only that, but by the weirdest of all coincidences this column gets him on early morning Channel 9 and all the right wing ABC morning radio shows just in time to become the nightly news!

We have no comment from Cardinal Pell along the lines of: "Thanks guys, we really pulled together as a male team to bury that one from public and female view and scrutiny."

"Let's all get naked and slap each other on our heterosexually tight bottoms! Yay."

Everybody knows the Murdoch press is riddled with lies, bullshit, spin, racism, sexism, homophobia and so on.

For the rest of our media to even reference Murdoch's rubbish, let alone use it as their primary source, is the best proof that we desperately need media ownership reform in Australia.

How will you vote this year?

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