Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boycott corporate football

Elizabeth Broderick

On a day when Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick gave the National Press Club address calling for paid parental leave, and the Prime Minister announced a
$41.5 million strategy to tackle domestic violence, the online 'Courier-Mail' reported on how a Logan City Councillor - Hajnal Ban - underwent macabre cosmetic surgery to lengthen her legs, how a mum fed her baby at McDonalds, Sarah Jessica-Parker's surrogate pregnancy, and featured a "picture special" of the secret world of the Bronco's cheerleaders.

Murdoch profits from his interests in rugby league, so it's no co-incidence that these attitudes prevail.

It's all very well to announce initiatives and programs addressing equitable workplace participation and domestic violence, but the community will fail to comprehend why these things are important while misogynistic attitudes are continually reinforced by the corporate media and advertising agencies.

Until this monster is confronted and destroyed, women will remain second class citizens in Australia.

Don't buy it. If you like your footy, go and watch your local competition.

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