Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Government says media foxes best protect democracy hen house

The Government's response to the 2020 Summit has finally materialised. The Summit came up with some very good ideas, but evidently the government didn't like many of them - especially sensible and urgently needed intiatives relating to the media:

Ideas others may progress:

Media - Reform of the Press Council

·1428 Improve accountability of the media (Press Council). The media should be accountable to the public, including radio, television and media on the internet.
·1429 Improve media diversity and accountability.
·1430 Expand the role of the Press Council to:
·1431 Strengthen and reinvigorate the professionalism of journalists
·1432 Improved accountability
·1433 Review roles of Press Council in light of new media.

Government Response:

The Press Council is independent of government and reform should be driven by the industry.

Ideas with no further action at this time:

·1472 Strengthen accountability through a national investigative journalism fund. This could be co-funded by industry and government and would be a way to keep healthy high quality journalism alive in Australia.
·1473 More informed and empowered citizenry predicated on more accountable media.
·1474 Improved media diversity and accountability, a trust established for community media and national broadcasters to secure their long term funding. a removal of restrictions on multi-channelling and other economic restrictions.
·1475 Secure independent public broadcaster.

Government Response:

The Government indirectly funds investigative journalism through its funding of the national broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, both of which have independent boards.

So that's all OK then! The Ideas: "We need to fix the 'Murdochcracy' strangling our country!" The Government: "No we don't. Shut up, we quite like things as they are."

As we have suggested below, YOU must stop Murdoch with your own actions, nobody is going to do it for us.

Any ideas, anyone?

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