Thursday, April 30, 2009

'mX' Is Not Cool

Uncle Rupe has his tentacles everywhere - even into people who don't realise it.

We like Brisbane radio station 4ZzZ, and Thursday evening's 'Movie Show' is great, but while discussing the Modern Love fundraiser, the announcers mentioned that one of the band members from Mass Migration was in today's 'mX'. Much gushing ensued about "fame" and jokes about getting an autographed copy.

While there's nothing wrong with mentioning that - and perhaps it was tongue in cheek - the problem is the subconscious acceptance that in order to "make it" you need to get into the monopoly Murdoch "press" (Murdoch's press is apparently the pinnacle!).

The band have appeared in other street press, but it was clear that they thought this was THE BIG TIME!!


Get out there and de-face those 'mX's'. Ridicule them to help these poor deluded kids realise that what they think is "cool" is actually the daggiest and meanest spoilt brat in the class.

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