Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some ideas from our Yankee buddies

From 'Stop Big Media':

"In order to support journalism and journalists as a public good, we need to re-imagine how we think of journalism enterprises and consider subsidy models sustained by grants, tax incentives, or public investments in education and infrastructure.

And we need to fully face the digital divide between America’s Internet haves and have-nots, which keeps more than one-third of the population from getting their news online."

Forget profit maximising foreign owned corporations as some kind of model. If you care about honest journalism you will have to accept that it is not going to make you rich, or very famous, or special. It may even hurt you financially or physically.

In Australia, especially South East Queensland, there is no will to form a lobby group against the entrenched media players. Therefore, it is up to you to set up your own community forums of information and/or indulge in active sabotage.

(Do you care enough to grab as many 'mX' as you can carry and put them in the recycling bin? Do you care enough to ACT?)

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