Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Advertise Wisely and Get Results

While we applaud 'Get Up's' decision to place their newspaper ad warning investors off the Gunn's pulp mill in the 'Financial Times' and 'Asian Financial Times', we are disappointed they are also planning on placing an ad in the 'Australian'.

Here's the email they sent to supporters today:
Our newspaper ad warning investors off Gunns' pulp mill is making shock waves around the international finance community - appearing on page 3 of today's Financial Times. You may have heard it being discussed this morning on ABC
radio's AM program.

The overwhelming response means we can now run this ad in the Asian Financial Times - the other area we know Gunns is seeking backers. This is great news for our ongoing campaign.

Even better, we've been so encouraged by the amount of pressure this ad has generated - and the obvious energy in the community - that we now want to run the ad here at home in The Australian. Macquarie Bank, headquartered in Australia, is one potential investor still not ruled out - imagine the impact this ad will have on their decision.

With Europe and Asia already covered by the amazing response so far, your contribution now could be enough to get us over the line in running the ad here in
Australia - simply click the link below to be part of this amazing success story:

Already this ad has led to several major banks ruling themselves out - showing that together we can match the might and muscle of big corporations like Gunns. Today's a great time to be a part of it.

The GetUp team

PS - We ran similar ads in the Australian Financial Review last year - and now none of the 'Big Four' Australian banks will touch the pulp mill. Help repeat that success by running this ad in The Australian - a paper guaranteed to get Macquarie Bank's attention.

We've already highlighted why Get Up shouldn't advertise in News Ltd. publications, and would add that they are not going to change anyone's mind at Macquarie Bank by doing so.

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