Monday, August 24, 2009

Ask Tony

Tony Koch is the Chief Reporter in Queensland for 'The Australian'.

'The Australian' has made its position clear on a Bill of Rights.

If you are going to this forum, ask Tony how he qualifies to participate in the discussion:

Have your say : a second chance to lobby for Fitzgerald’s reforms

“is Everything at a Fair Price?” a forum to debate
Queensland’s Integrity & Accountability

Wednesday 2 September at the Irish Club
175 Elizabeth St CBD (between Albert & Edward Sts)
Forum starts 6pm and ends by 8.30pm

Moderator Stephen Keim will keep all speakers accountable & draw conclusions of integrity. Andrew Sinclair will set the pre- & post-Fitzgerald account straight, unravel “free-market” transactions at today’s interfaces of politicians, public & private sector, police & judiciary. GetUp’s campaign tots up the damages of unconstrained donations & payments to political parties & politicians. Panelists will unbend & debate the issues. Journalist Tony Koch, numerously awarded for his insights into unaccountable iniquity upon those disadvantaged & marginalized, will trade stories at fair value. Brendan Ryan, criminal defence lawyer will talk of a different underclass. Jo Bragg, Environmental Defenders Officer, observes parallels of degradation of natural & social environments, & political ones. A brave property developer is offered right of reply, so more may be revealed about the licence to operate. Linda Lavarch will try to explain Bills (of rights) & Acts (of responsibility) V Law & Order. Stephen Stockwell, GU’s guru for Public Culture & Ideas (& timely cane toads) will try to salvage our collective integrity by accounting for Queensland’s tolerance of bent things.

It’s free for all. For numbers, please RSVP if attending to

Amnesty International Australia; GetUp; Environmental Defenders Office; Just Peace Qld; Just Rights Qld; Qld Conservation; Qld Council for Civil Liberties; Qld Council of Social Service; encourage your participation. The views and opinions of the speakers are totally independent of these organizations.

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