Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ed gets busy on the Tweed

Citizens of the Tweed are fortunate to have more than one news publication. As well as 'The Sun', they have the 'Tweed Shire Echo' and the 'Tweed Daily News'.

The other day we explored News Ltd.'s environmental credentials.

Result? "Abysmal"!

The extremely keen Ed Earl is like a Murdoch whirlwind, getting about spreading the Murdoch muck as efficiently as the best fertiliser spreader rural money can buy. He is as versatile as a multi-tool attachment. 'Anti-Islamofascist' fearmongering here, 'Anti-Enviro-Fascist' muckchucking there, busy little man he is.

Anyway, his latest effort is a very creditable job suggesting that people who are not all that keen on a highspeed hoon-fest on their local roads are envirofascists who will readily turn to murder and terrorism. At least, that's the way it reads.

This shit cannot be learned at university, can it? Is this what all those Journalism lecturers are telling the students they must do in order to make a quid?

The point is. If you only have a Murdoch paper in your town, you really need another one!

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