Sunday, August 16, 2009

What is an "extreme environmentalist"?

News Ltd's '1 Degree' (as in "one degree") campaign

To News Ltd., an "extreme environmentalist" is someone who cares about the environment, as opposed to someone who falls for corporate and government greenwashing and has their head up their arse.

As in today's [17/8/09] the 'Gold Coast Bulletin' report on the upcoming REPCO rally:

"REPCO Rally Australia organisers are worried protesters will put themselves, spectators and competitors at risk by trying to stop the event.

The No Rally Group has confirmed they will protest at the September 3-6 event, round 10 of the 2009 World Rally Championship, but would not give any details about what they are planning to do.

"We're considering a range of options to make our view known," said group president Michael McNamara.

"We're keen to have peaceful protests where we make the view of residents known."

It has been reported a protest group, called 7th Generation, will use 'passive obstruction' tactics to stall the rally and will only move when directed by police.

It is believed the group will target the service park in Kingscliff and certain stages along the rally route in Tweed and Kyogle shires.

The Bulletin has heard rumours extreme environmentalists living along the rally route will roll boulders on to the course and form human blockades to try and stop the event..."

Last year, News Ltd. set out to be carbon neutral by 2010 - they even won an EPA award for environmental leadership for this obvious greenwashing!

Then Rupert presented the first of his ABC Boyer lectures and dropped an absolute clanger, earnestly describing his commitment to the issue of climate change by citing his corporation's "I Degree" (as in eye'd agree) initiative. Shortly thereafter, all "1 Degree" publicity vanished from the on-line and paper pages of his publications.

"1 Degree" returned a few months ago, but it's been repackaged with a not so subtle change. Rather than the corporation aiming to be carbon neutral by 2010, the message is now:

"Numbers add up when it comes to global warming. Visit to calculate your carbon footprint and discover how you can make a differnce by changing what you do by One Degree."

We have about 130 days left to see if setting out to be carbon neutral by 2010 proved to be a bit ambitious! Stay tuned!

As we've said before, if you are approached by anyone from News Ltd. tell them to fuck off. They are not your friend and even if they don't ridicule your cause, their aim is to foster conflict and to control the issue. Of course they will try to do this anyway, but the fewer people who assist them, the less possible this will become.

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