Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where's Robyn?

"Some things are a lot more scary than some guys in leather jackets."
Ferret, addressing the National Press Club

Professor Paul Wilson, Ferret and Rev Dr John Smith discussed the proposed anti-association legislation at the National Press Club today [5/8/09]. It was one of the more interesting press club addresses because the speakers touched on media generated phobias and fears, and called on journalists to apply more scrutiny to the proposed laws.

So where was Robyn Wuth during the Q & A session? Surely she and/or her other News Ltd. colleagues would have leapt at the opportunity to attend today's National Press Club address and ask some questions? You see, Robyn and her colleagues are often very outspoken about bikies - take this example of her fine opinion writing from the 'Gold Coast Bulletin' [17/7/09]

WELL, well, well. The bikies are feeling a little singed by the glare of the media spotlight, it seems.

I imagine it probably is a little too bright when you first crawl out from under those rocks.

Tired of the `unnecessary public concern' stemming from the media coverage, this week they've issued a few `helpful hints' so we nasty journalist types give them a fair go.

The United Motorcycle Council of NSW has issued the delightful seven-page booklet called the . . . giggle . . . Reporting Guide for Journalists.

I kid you not.

You can snigger, I know I did.

She goes on to tear the guide apart and then proceeds to have a shot at Ferret:

The bikies warn the media `to avoid outright acceptance of the assertions made by the police service'.

Bugger off.

At least the police are willing to stand up and put their name to something.

Unlike the appointed UMC spokesman - Ferret the Fink.

You want me to quote Ferret the Fink?

Are you people serious?

Ferret's a grandad and a businessman and has been a member of the Finks for 22 years.

So give us your name then. Why hide your identity, one wonders?

Gasp! You're not ashamed are you? I would be.

All in all, I can tell you this.

This means nothing. Their guide means nothing. Bikies are not special, they'll get treated just like every other member of society.

Get used to it.
Toward the end of the Q & A session, Rev Dr John Smith posed an important question to the journalists in the audience:

"Will you write in such a way that you promote human freedom and peace?"

And as a citizen of Australia, you should ask yourself why News Ltd. scribes fail to appear at certain National Press Club addresses. You'll notice it's usually when the speaker's topic is likely to challenge some neocon agenda being pushed by their publications. If they did happen to go along and ask one of their narky, fascist questions, they would probably be rightfully slammed down - not a good look when your boss owns most of Australia's newspapers!

Then ask yourself why you continue to purchase News Ltd. publications or give their internet sites your eyeballs.

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