Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The climate nightmare is real and it is happening now

Senator Christine Milne addressing the National Press Club [17/6/09]

"I did not wish to take a cabin passage, but rather to go before the mast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains. I do not wish to go below now." Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

Greens Senator Christine Milne addressed the National Press Club today. In her presentation, which was titled - 'The New Culture Wars' - she explained why the Greens do not support the Government's proposed CPRS legislation.

"A failure to agree is better than an agreement to fail," she said.

The Greens are calling for a 350 ppm reduction in carbon emissions and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Senator Milne acknowledged community anger and feelings of powerlessness in the face of taxpayer dollars being handed to polluters rather than the community.

Interestingly, the Senator also referred to a bilateral agreement between China and the U.S. on renewable energy.

The following journalists asked questions:

Simon Grose - 'Science Media'
Peter Williams - 'The West Australian'
Cathy Alexander - AAP
Deborah Nesbitt - Thompson Reuters
Bernard Keane - 'Crikey!'
Sophie Morris - 'Australian Financial Review'

Ask yourself why no News Ltd. or ABC journalists asked her any questions.

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