Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stop Murdoch Running Our Government and ABC

What gives this guy the right to lecture our politicians and the ABC?

"In another sign the global financial crisis may be easing, many big US banks have been given the all clear to repay the billions they received in government bailout money.

Critics, including news Corporation chief executive Rupert Murdoch, say the government should now remove itself altogether from the private sector. [We don't think he means they should stop funding private schools, private health providers, the fossil fuel industry or government advertising to Murdoch media - Ed.]"

You have to have a special amount of stupidly naive to take this on its face.

Murdoch is spruiking the fascist/neocon line: 'Hi taxpayers, thanks for the $12Trillion, didn't really need it anyway, now bugger off with your prying eyes and stupid damaging "regulation", "oversight" and "accountability", which everyone knows is bad for the economy.'

Those 'Free Market Fundamentalists' will never give up, they are like that junkie sister who keeps robbing from you while sneering at you for both your pathetic stupidity, and, your bleeding heart idealism. And, just like the family junkie, it is time they went cold turkey and face the consequences of their own actions.

Unfortunately, unlike the family junkie, they have guns, politicians, police and army, newspapers and TV stations at their disposal, so they will continue to get whatever they want at your expense. And you will keep putting up with it.

As that annoying bastard Billy Connolly says in those ING ads: "WHY?"

Why? Because you are stupid. Now, what are you going to do about it?

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