Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Time: For some new blood on the Australia Council Literature Board

Dr Imre Saluzinsky is a Rupert Murdoch mouthpiece. He is also the Chair of the Australia Council Literature Board.

This morning he was interviewed for the ABC's 'News Radio' program, and given substantial airtime to have a go at the unions in the context of state budgets.

He already has a paid forum for his point of view.

He has described the ABC as a "national hobby network for the left intelligentsia". (from 'Whose ABC? The Australian Broadcasting Corporation 1983 - 2006' by K. S. Inglis).

I don't think he likes you ABC so why keep interviewing him?

Write to the ABC and demand that they stop using Murdoch staff.

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  1. Imre Saluzinsky's reporting of the electricity privatisation controversy in 2008 has to be seen to believed.

    He was a shameless cheerleader for the privatisation against almost every principle by which modern democracies are supposed to operate.

    The facts that opinion polls showed that between 79% and 85% of the NSW public opposed privatisation, that privatisation had been rejected in the 1999 elections, that Morris Iemma had made commitment to the unions not to privatise prior to the 2007 NSW elections and made no mention of privatisation during the election campaign and that the overwhelming majority of the May 2008 NSW state Labor Party conference opposed privatisation seemed to have no bearing whatsoever on the issue.

    Saluzinsky also applies principles selectively. As an example, on one occasion he condemned NSW state Liberal opposition leader Barry O'Farrell for supposedly disregarding the wishes his business constituency by opposing the privatisation legislation(1), whilst he saw it as perfectly acceptable and a matter of course that Labor Governments habitually ignore the wishes of their constituencies.

    If anyone has any doubt that Saluzinsky, the Australian and the rest of the Murdoch newsmedia are antithetical to democracy, one should read Saluzinsky's words.

    Some of them are to be found in my article "Media contempt for facts in NSW electricity privatisation debate" of 18 Sep 08.

    1. I probably still have the article, but can't locate it now ans so can't give the date and name of the article.