Monday, June 22, 2009

"UTE Gate"? Implausible Deniability

Are the AFP investigating News Ltd.?

Only Jonathon Holmes from the ABC's 'Media Watch' went close to the real point. So, there is "the e-mail", which Turnbull says he was told about, Senator Eric Abetz appeared to have a copy of, a Murdoch staffer seems to have, Godwin Grech says he recalls but can't find and Murdoch's papers have run as a front-page story (of course, the ABC can't do journalism anymore so they just follow the Murdoch lead).

Now we are told that the AFP say "the e-mail" was sent to Godwin Grech's home e-mail from his place of employ. So? That could mean all sorts of things, but what it doesn't spell out for everyone is the obvious problem: How did it get the kind of publicity Murdoch's most famous lie, "The Hitler Diaries", got when everyone now is trying to say they never saw it?

Glenn Milne's 'Latham Sex Video' and the 'Herald Sun' Pauline Hanson nude photos were also Murdoch fabrications. Apart from settling out of Court with confidentiality, these people are never properly held accountable.

So, in this latest example of how badly a mono-media serves your democracy, what can you do?

Don't worry, you don't really have to do anything. In fact, we are gathering evidence that you are already doing just that! Yay, you!

We have noticed enormous amounts of unpurchased Murdoch muck bundled up outside Newsagents and shops all around the place and we are working on recording just how many of these horrible rags are wastefully printed every day, just so that Murdoch can screw more advertising dollars out of sadly credulous businesses [there is, of course, another matter and that is why so much advertising appears in his papers for government and big business and whether they pay the same rates as small and medium businesses for ads, but we'll come back to this later - Howard spent hundreds of millions of your dollars with Murdoch, we don't know how much the 'Harvey Norman' spend is].

Please send any photos of these bundled up piles of "returns" with the date and general location. Perhaps we can actually demonstrate to the advertisers what a waste of money and credibility it is to give their money to Murdoch.

If they see that he has such scorn for genuine journalism, we might just be able to bring back economically viable journalism. One hundred years ago Brisbane had heaps of viable newspapers. If we are to get back any kind of corporate and government accountability, and journalistic independence and integrity into a balance which can work, we need first to undo the mono-media model. Without the Brisbane, Queensland and Federal Government's financial support of Murdoch's monopoly, you might just have a chance at having some real newspapers.

Just to make a point: Today (22/6/09) your federal House of Representatives spent about 3 hours of your tax-funded time on crazy point scoring based on a Murdoch fabrication. Nothing was actually done for this country.

Who runs this place?

Send those photos, and we will not only publish them but perhaps send them on to the small businesses paying through the nose to advertise in all those unread rags!

From Hansard [22/6/09]:

Senator CARR—Once again I would urge Senator Mason to protect his own reputation here by not relying on reports that he reads in the Australian, because on each and every occasion to date it has been demonstrated that those reports have not been accurate in their presentation.

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