Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who is Steve Lewis?

"After the party
You took me back to your parlour.
A little nervous laughter
Locking the door.
My stockings fall
Onto the floor.
Desperate for more."

'Feel It', Kate Bush [1978]

We're waiting for Kerry O'Brien, Tony Jones, Leigh Sales, Barrie Cassidy or Virginia Trioli to interview Steve Lewis, or even mention the intrusive role of the Murdoch organisation in our politics.

They always have these fuckers on their shows to broadcast their opinions, so why not have them on to grill them a little?

'7.30 Report' asked Annabel Crabb for her opinion, and all we know now is that we don't have to read her well researched essay about the Opposition Leader.

What gives?

FLASHBACK (from the Murdoch biased but taxpayer-funded 'Insiders' of 6/6/2004):

PAUL KELLY: I don't know what the two leaders said to one another during their talks. John Howard said afterwards when we asked him, that Mark Latham's policy was not discussed at all. But what I do know, as far as the media is concerned, is that there was no sense of set up or conspiracy at all. The question to Bush was asked by my colleague Steve Lewis from the Australian. I was standing next to him at the time in the Rose Garden, we discussed the question. There was no pre-warning at all to either Bush or Howard and any suggestion that there was pre-warning or there was some sort of media set up is quite forth and absurd.

BARRIE CASSIDY: Well, OK, what are the implications of the statement? You've already written that in fact, the President in effect put the alliance on the line?

PAUL KELLY: I think the main implication here is the extent of President Bush's concern about Mark Latham's Iraq policy. As far as George Bush is concerned, Iraq is the main project of his presidency. It's the main issue in global politics today and the American administration is concerned at the prospect that Mark Latham might go to an election in Australia, campaign on bringing the troops home, win and in fact implement that policy. And there is no doubt that if that happened it would in a psychological and a political sense undermine the Bush position. I think the second reason for concern as far as the administration is concerned is that they are worried about Mark Latham's vision of the alliance, they are confused and uncertain about what that vision is but they suspect on the basis of what he has said so far that he wants to downgrade the alliance.

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